Louie Martinez
About CHECKmyREP CrossFit Cle Elum

What you'll find at CHECKMYREP CrossFit Cle Elum is a friendly community of like-minded people with similar fitness goals. A broad range of CrossFit fanatics ranging from grandchildren to grandparents. These are the same people who will be supporting you daily on your fitness journey. On most days you will also see the CHECKMYREP mascot Emma. She's the happy weenie dog who will greet you on your way in, and motivate you to push through those tough days.

At CHECKMYREP CrossFit Cle Elum we teach that general fitness is a lifestyle. This means that long after you complete your one hour session, you will make smarter decisions regarding your overall health. The workouts may be harder than you are used to, but that's the point. If an exercise program is too easy, there will be no results. There is always a coach encouraging you along the way. In short, you're never alone! All new members attend a start-up class which teaches the basic movements and ideology of the program. There is a gradual ramp on process with any new activity, including the sport of CrossFit. So be patient with yourself. You can't master anything in one try, right?

My goal as a CrossFit owner in the community is to bring awareness to general fitness, whether in CrossFit or not. I fully understand the short term and long lasting results of overall wellness, which starts with children and continues throughout one's adult life. It's never too late to start! So stop by and check it out. At CMR your first visit is, and always will be free.